Contour Latex Pillow - 2 Pack


  • $82.00

Made with 100% natural latex material, this pillow offers ample support with a soft and highly resilient feel. It conforms naturally to your head and neck and rebounds with zero pressure for real comfort.

Utilising needle hole technology to ensure great ventilation, it allows air to circulate through, absorbing moisture and dissipating heat, providing you with a truly comfortable sleep.

Firm, springy and not easily misshapen, our Latex Pillow is durable and long lasting, even with robust use. Not to mention, this Latex Pillow is eco-friendly, hygienic and highly resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mould. Winner!

* 100% natural latex pillow
* Special 2-zone design
* High resiliency
* Naturally supports your head, neck and shoulder
* Fast rebound with zero pressure
* Needle hole technology - ventilated and breathable
* Removable and washable zippered cover
* Eco-friendly
* Anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and mold-proof

* Inner: 100% Natural Latex
* Cover: Polyester
* Weight: 2.5kg


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